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Electronic Press Kit: Van Dyke Revue 

The Van Dyke Revue is a four-piece rock and soul band with vocals, drums, piano, guitars, bass and saxophone.  The group has been performing for over 25 years from Chicago to Florida. 

WAOR Live Interview Van Dyke Revue
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OhtajaydeeVan Dyke Revue
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"The Van Dyke Revue," a rock and country band popular in Michigan and Indiana. I liked them instantly and was inspired to order his latest CD from Amazon. Only days before, the Revue performed at the Studebaker National Museum in South Bend, where he admired the classic Golden Hawk. - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times 

"A true variety band..." -Jeremy Bonifiglio, Herald Palladium 

“When musicians record, they’re often seeking a “happy accident” to capture an inspired moment which, in the Van Dyke Revue’s case turned out better than they imagined.” -Ralph Heibutzki, Herald Palladium

I LOVE VAN DYKE REVUE!!!!! We first moved to South Bend area last year and went to a brewery in Michigan and although the food and drinks were great, the entertainment put on by this company was INCREDIBLE!!! -Yelp

 “10 Best Musicians in South Bend, IN” Yelp

"Closing out the year for us is the much-requested Van Dyke Revue! The Van Dyke Revue has put together a spectacular show featuring the greatest artists of the 1950s through the 1990s " -Caryn Adler 

The Van Dyke Revue has appeared at multiple Music Festivals, including Blues & Infused, Fusion Fest, Red, White and BBQ, and many others. 

The VDR has opened for many national touring acts, including The Blues Brothers, Taj Mahal, Duke Tumato, and Underwater People. 

The Van Dyke Revue has appeared live on 95.3 FM WAOR, 103.9 FM WRBR, 91.1 WGCS FM and WNDU's In The Studio

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