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Dave Van Dyke: EPK

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Dave Van Dyke and Friends: “Volya” (single) (2022)

Dave Van Dyke and Friends: “Dick The Bruiser” (single) (2023)

Dave Van Dyke and Friends: “Sharing a Birthday (featuring Jesus)” (single) (2023)

Dave Van Dyke and Friends: “No Stronger Love” (2024)
Dave Van Dyke and Friends: “The Fire Safety Song" (featuring Jacob Van Dyke) (2024) 

CONTACT: J. David Van Dyke  * (574) 220-8263 * 

Studio: Trackattack Studios (Decade) / Davis Studios (Small Town / Volya) 

TRACK LISTING “A Decade of David and Goliaths (2013)”

Track 01 “Evel Knievel Never Died” 2:52    

Track 02 “Patty Hearst Got Taken That Night” 5:01  

Track 03 “Ode to J. D.” (A 2010 live recording with The Van Dyke Revue.) 3:01           

Track 04 “Swimsuit Barbie Doll” 4:37

Track 05 “Rotten Sleazy Crook” 2:58

Track 06 “Glacier of Tears” 3:27    

Track 07 “Tricky Dick Was Bad” 3:39

Track 08 “No Love From this Canal” 4:27

Track 09 “143 Means I Love You” 4:47      

      Track 10 “Ali” 6:22        

Track 11 “Tricky Dick Was Bad” (With studio effects, just for fun.) 2:58

TRACK LISTING “Small Town Come on Home To Me and Other Seasonal Songs (2023)”

Track 01 “(They’re Not) Presents to Give Me” 4:06    

Track 02 “Bad Eddie” 2:59  

Track 03 “No Christmas Songs Before Halloween” 4:02           

Track 04 “Another Truck Stop Christmas” 4:17

Track 05 “Boxing Day Lullaby” 3:19

Track 06 “George Bailey Never Left Home” 4:32    

Track 07 “Christmas on Credit” 3:17

Track 08 “H-A-N-U-K-K-A-H” 2:15

Track 09 “Paul Lost Lorraine in July” 4:39      

Track 10 “Christmas in Withdrawal” 3:53        

Track 11 “Christmas Party in the U.S.A.”(Featuring LaShawne Suggs) 4:20

Track 12 “Small Town Come on Home To Me”  (Album version) 4:20


Lucky U” (2008)  3:04 

Run Run Rosie”  (2008) 4:25 

Small Town Come on Home To Me (Single Version)” (2021) 

Previously Released:  Eponymous CD with The Van Dyke Revue (2008), which charted on Gain Central Radio. “Billy the Blue Fish & Other Songs For Children,” (2010).  


“Surrounding the morbid storyline lies a Mexican guitar that traces an outlaw country vibe laid down by Townes Van Zandt in his song ‘Pancho and Lefty’’ which would be recorded into a legendary country classic by Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard in 1980.” -Jeff Harrell, South Bend Tribune

“This all-acoustic band was very pleasant to listen to. They played a mix of oldies songs, including at least one by Tom Petty, and some blues! One song really stuck out was an original composition written by Dave Van Dyke called “Small Town Come On Home to Me.”€.

According to Dave, he was inspired to write this song all while during the pandemic lockdown.  It was also during this time that he nominated Buchanan to Reader’s Digest as the Nicest Place in America. To our pleasant surprise, Buchanan won that nomination and was voted as the Nicest Place in America. So naturally the song was born. Dave did tell us that he does have a Christmas album that is going to be released. This should be available wherever you can stream music.”-Thomas Hoyt, Buchanan Chronicle

Inspired by this, Van Dyke nominated his hometown in the  Reader's Digest "Nicest Place in America" contest. Buchanan ended up taking the prize, and the win was announced everywhere from NBC's "Today Show" to a spot on BBC radio in England.

Van Dyke topped it all off by composing a new song about the city, titled "Small Town Come on Home to Me." -Jack Walton, South Bend Tribune

David Van Dyke has lived in Southwest Michigan since the 1980s ... except for that time, he became a hippy.

"You know that song, 'All You Need is Love,' by the Beatles? It’s not true. It would help if you had money." -Louise Wrege, Herald Palladium

Van Dyke’s passion for music began at a young age. His father, John, taught him how to play the guitar at the age of 14. Thirty-seven years and four albums later, John can be heard playing piano on Van Dyke’s song ‘H-A-N-U-K-K-A-H’”

“I wrote most of this many years ago with help from one of my students who knew about the Maccabees, Van Dyke said. ‘My favorite line is ˜shove it, Mr. Ava Braun.” I like the imagery of der Fuhrer being taunted by a bunch of kids celebrating Hanukkah.” Max Harden, Leader Publications

Additional Data:

-Dave has appeared live on Northern Spirit Radio Greta Pope’s The Business Savvy Singer,  The Back Porch 88.1 FM WVPE, Folk Music Rewind and “In the Studio” WNDU NBC16 Television.   

- Dave is a published author. His work has appeared in Skeptic, Michigan History, and Reader’s Digest. He has contributed to a book of horror stories, Paranormal Fringes.

-Dave holds a Ph.D. from Andrews University. 

-Dave has completed six marathons. 

 -Dave plays the guitar, upright bass, harmonica, dulcimer, bagpipes, and saxophone.  

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